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5 Good Reasons Why You Need To Install An Air Conditioner

Singapore, situated near the equator, has a typically tropical climate. A tropical climate is a nice way to put it, but living in Singapore means you have to withstand the warm temperatures all year round. Sometimes, the weather gets so hot that it becomes unbearable and gets you frustrated.

In recent years, the hot weather that Singaporeans have been experiencing may be more than just temporary heatwaves. Our island is heating up twice as fast as compared to the rest of the world and it is almost 1 degree celsius hotter today than in the 1950s. Our tiny island even hit 36 degree celsius, a record high, in 1998! In more recent times, our daily average is around 32 degree celsius everyday.

With Singapore’s hot climate, air conditioning is something that many can’t live without. Some people are even so used to air conditioners that they are unable to sleep without it. Air conditioners, also fondly addressed as aircon, are indispensable to Singaporeans.

Almost all households and commercial areas in Singapore have aircons installed. This very idea of air conditioning was ingrained to us because there are so many places in Singapore that are air conditioned. Take shopping malls, some MRT stations, supermarkets and offices as an example, they are all air conditioned.

Did you know? Lee Kuan Yew thought that air conditioning was the secret to our country’s success and the key to public efficiency. In fact, the first thing that Lee Kuan Yew did when he became the Prime Minister of Singapore was to install air conditioners in buildings where the civil service works. Who would have thought that aircon installation could be this important to the eventual success of our country and is this helpful?

We all love living in comfort and there are many more benefits of air conditioning than just comfort. Here are more benefits of installing an air conditioner:

Better Sleep

Air conditioners help to keep our home cool and make the heat bearable all year round. Today, 75 percent of Singaporean homes have an air-conditioner to cool their homes. Turning on the air conditioner and decreasing the temperature of your bedroom not only makes you more comfortable, it can also help you achieve better sleep qualities due to colder conditions.

There is a scientific reason as to this. Our bodies use circadian rhythms to regulate our bodies over 24 hours to know when to wake up and when to sleep. As circadian rhythms align with sunrise and sunset, light and temperature plays a big role in signalling our bodies to sleep. Just like how darkness aids in our sleep, low temperatures are ideal for promoting sleep.

Sleeping in a room with a temperature of around 18.3 degree celsius is optimal for good sleep, as it relates to the regulation of your body’s internal temperature. Keeping your bedroom cool with air conditioning signals your body that it is time to sleep and can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Improve Asthma Control

Many evidence and studies point out that air conditioning may help improve air quality and help with asthma control. Installing aircons can filter our airborne allergens that can trigger asthamatic conditions, such as dust mites, pollen, cigarette smoke and other forms of air pollutants that may be around you.

However, note that this works only if your air conditioner filter is replaced and properly maintained as recommended by your aircon company. If your aircon is old and has many issues, install a new one. There are many new models of air conditioners with many benefits such as energy saving and air purifying.

Plus, when you keep your doors and windows closed when the air conditioner is on, it also helps to keep air pollutants out, reducing the amount of airborne allergens that present in your environment and may activate asthma. With Singapore’s hot weather and humidity, the hot and sticky air can feel thick and hard to inhale, just this alone may trigger asthma in some people. Hot and humid air is also a breeding ground for mould spores and dust mites to multiply quickly, which may activate the asthma condition in some.

The aircon is great for not only cooling your environment, but reducing indoor humidity, air quality and airbourne triggers which may improve asthma control and make breathing easier.

Better Concentration At Work

Is it possible that an air conditioner has a significant impact on your concentration? Well, the two may be linked. People work better in comfortable conditions, such as a conducive environment with little distractions and in a cool place. Heat is uncomfortable and in a country like Singapore where there is literally no other season other than summer, excess heat can have an impact on your physical and mental health as well as in other areas of your life.

Imagine having to work in a badly ventilated and hot environment, it will definitely make you more irritable and unable to concentrate. People are unable to focus when it is warm and if people are put in this situation for the long-term, they become lethargic and reluctant to work. High temperatures can be frustrating and difficult for people to concentrate on their work and hobbies. Having an air conditioner can cool you down and make you feel better, giving you motivation to achieve more in your day.

Productivity Booster

Think back to how Lee Kuan Yew credited air conditioning as the key to efficiency. Hot countries are typically not as successful as countries that have cooler temperatures, with the exception of countries like Singapore and Dubai. Despite having high temperatures throughout the year, Singapore and Dubai manage this issue by installing air conditioners in many of their public places. This makes their people more comfortable, happier and productive.

Being in an air conditioned environment is related to elevated work performance. Research shows that when people are at a comfortable body temperature, they can get more done. In addition, temperatures between 21 and 22 degree celsius is found to be the best temperature for getting a lot of work done. Further studies have shown that performance is 50% higher when workers are at a temperature that is not too hot or too cold. Installing air conditioners in public places and workplaces can help boost productivity and work efficiency.

Protects Your Belongings

Once you air condition your home, your office or your shop, another benefit that you will enjoy is that it will protect your belongings, be it your furniture, your electronics or your walls. Hot and humid conditions can be bad for some types of furniture and even encourage the growth of mould. Wooden bed frames, tables, shelves and other furniture will not last long in humid conditions. Leather furniture absorbs moisture and causes furniture and other items to grow mould. All of your clothing is also susceptible to damage in warm and humid conditions. Mould loves warm and moist environments but you can keep them at bay by keeping your rooms cold with air conditioning. Aircons can keep the room humidity-free, cool and protect your furniture and walls from developing mould and mildew. How cool is that!

Plus, electronics like your laptops, television and handphone can suffer damages. Installing aircons can protect electronic appliances from damages such as overheating and melting of internal components. Think of how air conditioning can be beneficial for an electronics store with a lot of stock. Air conditioning also helps to prevent overheating of appliances during usage and allow them to have a longer shelf life.


Technology has changed the way that we live. In the past, electronic fans were the only way that people kept cool. Today, air conditioning is one of the many blessings that we have. It is also commonly known as one of the greatest technological breakthroughs of our times. Air conditioning has helped us store food, maintain cool conditions in pharmaceutical labs and even at factories where they manufacture computer parts.

For consumers like ourselves, nothing beats coming home to a cool and refreshing room after a hot day out. Turning on the air-conditioners definitely makes you feel ‘shiok’ during a hot day! If you have yet to install air conditioners at home, this is a sign for you to do so now! If you have an old air conditioner that often malfunctions, this is a sign for you to get new air conditioners installed! Or else, engage professionals to perform aircon maintenance services for your existing air conditioners.

Are you looking for professional air conditioner installation in Singapore? Getting an aircon installation done is no easy task. Do remember to take the time to conduct research on the type of air conditioner models that best suits your needs, as well as which team of experts you want to hire for your aircon needs.

High-quality, professional technicians like us at Cozyhomes Aircon Services will assist you with more than just aircon installation and maintenance. We will help you to make the right decisions that are in line with your requirements, budgets and preferences. So that you are happy with your air conditioning system.

Cozyhomes Aircon Services aims to help every one of our clients achieve clean and cool air in their homes and commercial spaces. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience in Singapore and are certainly the best team of experts to advise you on everything that has to do with air conditioners. Contact Cozyhomes Aircon Services today to install aircons in your homes and anywhere, or reach out to us to get a quote on an aircon installation price now!

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