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Aircon not Cold Enough? 6 Reasons Why

Why is your aircon not cold enough? This article is all you need to read if you want to know the exact answer to that question.

The number one reason why your air conditioner isn’t producing enough cooling is the lack of maintenance and service.

While contacting an expert aircon service provider is the right thing to do, you must know the underlying reasons as well.

Before diving into the reasons why is your aircon not cold enough, let’s first address an important question you may have.

When Should You Contact a Professional?

The most common reason why an aircon doesn’t perform well is the clogged or unclean filter. Air from the surroundings when passes through your aircon can leave debris and dust on its filter.

Over time, the clogging starts disrupting the cold airflow inside the aircon, reducing its capability to cool the surroundings.

Not only that, but the build-up can cause ice formation inside your unit, which can eventually lead to more problems.

But, the good thing is, you can clean your ACs filter yourself.

How to Clean Your AC Filter?

  • The first step would be to turn off your aircon. You don’t want the dust to spread across the room while cleaning the filter
  • Next, remove the filter
  • Take a vacuum cleaner and suck the dirt and dust off the filter. Clean its frame with a microfiber cloth
  •  Then, gently rinse the filter with water and leave it until all the water dries out. If the filter is still not clean enough, take half vinegar and half water solution and soak it in it. Don’t forget to let it dry out
  •  Reinstall the filter


Don’t wash the filter with high-pressure water. Filters are delicate; too much pressure can damage them.

Turn the unit ON and see if it changes anything. Is the aircon not cold enough, still? Now would be the time you contact an expert.

Let’s jump into the 5 most common reasons why your AC isn’t producing enough cold.

1. Clogged Air Filter

Although we’ve covered this one before, it deserves a second mention. If you can’t clean your aircon’s filters yourself, call an expert that can take care of it for you.

You see, an air filter is supposed to trap particles like pollen, dust, allergens, and more. So, it needs service and


After all, it’s doing a huge favor to your aircon unit. Without a fully functional filter, the interiors of your unit would be at risk and may eventually need costly repairs.

So, why not just clean the filter and save yourself the hassle and time? Regular maintenance check also ensures that you replace your filters when needed.


2. Your Aircon’s Condenser Coils are Dirty

The hot refrigerant that transfers heat from inside to outside, travel through condenser coils. So, they are a vital part of your unit.

Your aircon’s outside unit contains the condenser coils, making them prone to accumulating dirt and debris rather quickly.

Dirt buildup produces a layer on top of the condenser coils, which reduces the efficiency of heat transfer. This leads to insufficient removal of heat from inside your home.

As a result, you observe a drop in the performance of your aircon and a rise in the temperature of your surroundings.

Not to mention the rising energy bills as your unit tries harder to keep the temperature of the insides at the set level.

A higher energy bill isn’t the only problem you might be facing other than inadequate cooling. When your aircon has to work harder, the chances of system breakdown also increase.

So, make sure your unit’s condenser coils are clean. Get in touch with a professional service provider and avoid further hassle and cost.


3. Compressor Problem

If the refrigerant in your aircon is its blood, imagine the compressor as its heart. It’s a vital organ in any air conditioning unit as it compresses the air, which helps in producing the cooling effect we all love.

One of the major reasons why is your aircon not cold enough is a busted compressor.

When the compressor motor is broken, the refrigerant won’t move inside the condenser coils. And, when your aircon’s compressor is inoperable, the cooling cycle is halted.

This leads to a system breakdown.

So, when your unit isn’t cooling, it might be a malfunctioned compressor motor. And, as most compressor problems require full replacement, it’s advisable to have it checked by a professional once in a while.


4. Thermostat Defect

The thermostat of your aircon helps in regulating the temperature of the indoors. Without it, your AC wouldn’t be able to maintain the set temperature of your room.

It essentially tells the system when to cool and when to not cool. You set a temperature and the thermostat regulates the cooling cycle, trying to maintain a certain temperature.

So, when your unit’s thermostat isn’t working, there is no way to tell the AC where to stop or start the cooling process.

What You Can Do About it?

You can check your thermostat’s display and see if it’s lit or not. It not, check if it’s getting power. The problem could also be a tripped breaker or dead batteries.

If you can access the interiors of your unit, look inside for any debris, dust, and soot on the electrical and mechanical components.

Don’t forget to turn off the thermostat breaker before doing that. If you think the thermostat is receiving power from the source, clean it with a soft brush.

When to Get in Touch with a Professional?

Checked everything from the power supply and dust buildup and the problem persists? Now would be the time to contact a service provider that can take care of diagnosing and fixing.

Plus, if you don’t want to check whether it’s the thermostat that’s preventing your aircon from cooling properly, the right thing would be to get in touch with a professional.


5.  Aircon not Big Enough

Sometimes, your air conditioner is working fine, it’s the size of your room that’s keeping the temperature up.

You see, there is a reason why ACs come in a variety of sizes. How would a unit bring down the temperature of a room larger than its capacity?

What Happens When Your AC is Too Small for Your Room?

When you don’t have a big enough air conditioner for your room, it’ll keep working to reach a set temperature.

As it would lack the capability to bring the temperature of your room to a certain level, it will work non-stop to no avail.

Not only that, but as it works harder, it consumes more electrical energy. So, you’d also see a rise in your electricity bill.

All ACs come with a rating that determines how much area they can cool effectively.

However, as opposed to a large aircon, a smaller AC doesn’t cost you that much. So, if you were to select between a too small and too large unit, a smaller one would be cost-effective in the long run.

What Should You Do to Ensure Effective Cooling?

To ensure effective cooling, you need to get an aircon that’s suitable for your room. But, picking the right one can be somewhat tricky.

What you can do is, assign the task to a professional service provider like Cozyhomes Aircon Services.


6. Refrigerant Leak

As you may already know, the transformation of a refrigerant from liquid to gas is the main phenomenon that helps keep your atmosphere cool.

A refrigerant leak is one of the common reasons why an aircon doesn’t cool a room the way it should.

How Do You Know When Your Aircon’s Refrigerant is Leaking?

While the reduction in cooling power is your first cue, other symptoms also indicate that there might be a refrigerant leak. So, look out for:

  • Frozen coils
  • Hissing sounds from the indoor unit>
  • Higher electricity bills

A common cause of a refrigerant leak is the over-time corrosion of metallic parts of your unit.

The solution to a refrigerant leak would be a thorough check of the individual parts and replacement.

But, for that, you’d need professional help. Cozyhomes Aircon Services would be an ideal choice for Singapore residents.

Source: cozyhomesaircon.com.sg


Final Thoughts

Probably the only reason why your aircon isn’t cold enough is that you’ve somehow compromised on service and maintenance.

You see, an air conditioner works with delicate and rust-prone parts that require regular maintenance.

If your aircon isn’t providing enough cooling, it might be because of the 6 reasons we discussed.

  • Clogged air filter
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Compressor problem
  • Thermostat defect
  • Aircon not big enough
  • Refrigerant leak

The most common one is a clogged air filter. The good news is, you can clean it yourself. However, as AC filters are delicate make sure you handle them carefully.

You can check for all the other reasons yourself too, but it would be better to get in touch with an expert.

By letting the experts do it, you’d be avoiding any further problems due to lack of experience or expertise.

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