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Why A Air Conditioner Chemical Wash Can Make Your Air Conditioner Feel Brand New

You are probably here because your aircon is getting less and less cold over time, or your aircon has been making a lot of noises recently. Whatever the reason is, a chemical wash for your air conditioner can renew even the oldest of aircons!

A regular maintenance of any appliance, especially an air conditioner, is important to ensure its longevity. With all that money spent on a brand new aircon system for your office, your home or your shop, you want to be able to stretch the dollar and have your unit serve you for as long as possible.

Other than aircon maintenance, cleaning of aircon is another way to maintain it better, in situations where regular servicing just doesn’t do enough. Regular servicing may clear the dirt in your aircon, but it may not be enough to remove all the gunk accumulated and stuck in your condenser, filter and evaporator coil. To get rid of all that stubborn dirt, an aircon chemical wash will do the trick!

It is vital that you hire a professional team to do the cleaning, as improper cleaning techniques may cause accidental damage to the internal components. An aircon technician will also have all the required tools, cleaning agents and experience to skillfully service and clean your aircon.

We’ve talked so much about air conditioners and chemical cleaning. But what exactly is an aircon chemical wash? What does it do? And why should you do a chemical wash for your aircon unit? Let us answer all these questions and more that you have about aircon chemical wash in this article.

What is Chemical Cleaning?

In layman terms, aircon chemical wash is the process of a technician cleaning the internal components of an air conditioner with chemicals. This process is complicated and is not as simple as you might think it is, as it includes the cleaning and checking of the internal components in an aircon unit.

What Happens During An Aircon Chemical Wash?

Firstly, a technician will remove the air conditioner cover and dismantle the system. The first step involves dismantling the internal parts, such as the evaporator coils, filters, and condenser.

Secondly, the technician will then immerse these parts in a chemical solution to loosen the gunk and any corrosive acids from the internal parts. They will then wash the aircon filter with water and chemical agents. After which they will sometimes use high pressure water jets to wash the indoor evaporator coil, the drainage tray, the front panel of the aircon and cover.

Next, chemical solutions are used to remove dirt, oil and dust that has gathered in the components of the fan coil over time. These chemicals contain ingredients to kill and prevent the growth of bacteria and mould, so that your aircon can remain clean for a long time. Lastly, the drainage pan and drainage system will be thoroughly cleaned via vacuuming.

Before the technician finishes the cleaning and fixes all the components of the system, they will check on the various functions of the aircon to ensure that they are working properly. Some examples include checking on the lubrication, compression suction and discharge pressure.

If further repairs or maintenance is required, the technician will advise on site accordingly. Only reputable companies will go beyond their call of duty to check your aircon for any faulty parts and suggest if the parts need to be replaced or repaired. Hence, it is crucial that you hire a reliable and professional aircon servicing company to do the cleaning. After all the steps above, your aircon will feel and perform as good as new.

Why Do I Need A Chemical Wash For My Aircon?

If your aircon isn’t cold anymore, isn’t performing as it should or making so much noises that you can’t stand it, it is probably just a symptom that your aircon needs a good cleaning. Don’t simply brush it aside as a sign of your air conditioner aging! The longer you prolong any maintenance done on your air conditioner, the worst the problem might become.

Your air conditioner should not deteriorate over time and should always be functioning optimally as if you had just bought it. If it is not, it is telling you that something is wrong and needs an expert to check it out. There are many benefits to chemical washing your aircon and its components.

Improves Air Quality

The basic function of an air conditioner is to produce fresh air and cool down a room. They can also remove different air pollutants and contaminants in indoor air, such as dust and pollen to improve your air quality.

The number one benefit of a chemical wash is that your air conditioner parts are thoroughly cleaned and the quality of air from your air conditioner will be better than it was before. After a chemical wash, your system will release fresh and clean air.

An aircon chemical wash will clean all the basic internal components of your aircon, which may be inhabiting mould and bacteria. The growth of such substances may be detrimental to your health. After washing, the improved indoor air quality can help prevent respiratory issues or other health problems that may be because of low-quality indoor air. If you’re asthmatic or have sensitive allergies, a clean aircon can greatly help to relieve your symptoms when clean air circulates in your room.

Extends The Lifespan Of Your Aircon

Just like how you regularly maintain your hair by going for a haircut or how you send your dog or cat to grooming, regular maintenance and chemical wash can help increase the lifespan of your aircon, ensuring that it is running at its maximum efficiency for years. By regularly hiring a professional to service your air conditioning unit, it can help you avoid costly and complicated aircon repairs in the future. The faster the problem is being fixed and the less your unit is being forced to overwork, the longer your aircon can work efficiently. Regular aircon upkeeping will keep your appliance running as good as new.

A good technician will do more than just cleaning your aircon components. They will check for any abnormalities and areas that need repair and help you spot problems in your air conditioner that you may not have realised yourself. Sometimes, the signs of your air con needing a cleaning may be signs for other problems like a low gas level. The general rule of thumb is to always do maintenance work on your air conditioner to extend its lifespan.

Saves Electricity

Due to the build-up of dust, air pollutants and dirt, your aircon will have to work harder to filter the bad-quality air through the internal components and also to cool the room. This will make your unit work twice as hard for the same amount of effort, which is bad news for your electrical bills. When your air conditioner is working harder than it is supposed to, it uses more electricity and becomes less energy efficient.

An aircon chemical wash can help solve this problem by simply cleaning up the impurities that are clogging your system and improving the overall performance of your unit. A smooth running air conditioner uses less electricity and is more energy efficient, helping you save a lot on your electricity bill in the long-term. Thus, chemical washes can help you to save hundreds and thousands of dollars on electricity.

How Often Should I Chemical Wash My Aircon?

The most common culprit for any aircon problems is the issue of dust accumulating in your aircon over use. This happens more to users who don’t do regular servicing on their unit. The dust will find its way into the components of your aircon and cause malfunctions to happen by blocking the drains, pipes and filter. So, in order for your aircon to work as it should, a chemical wash is definitely recommended.

Even though it costs extra to do, an aircon chemical wash is necessary to maintain your aircon at an optimal condition. Ideally, you should do an aircon chemical wash once a year or every half a year to keep your aircon in a good condition.

There is no doubt that you now have an abundance of knowledge about aircon chemical wash and are well informed about the reasons why you should get a chemical wash done for your air conditioners.

In summary, you should get an aircon chemical wash done to ensure that your aircon is free from harmful substances and can generate air with better quality. An aircon chemical wash can also prevent wasted dollars in fixing faulty appliances, expensive electricity bills from a malfunctioning aircon and allow your systems to serve you for a longer time.

To better ensure the durability of your air conditioning unit, you should engage a professional aircon technician to help you with a chemical wash at least once a year. When selecting a company to clean your air conditioners, choose a company that will not stop at just doing an aircon chemical cleaning for you. Cozyhomes Aircon Services is the aircon servicing company that you are looking for!

Our technicians are experienced to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting to check for any parts that need extra work so that your aircon can function optimally. At Cozyhomes Aircon Services, our team of experienced aircon technicians have more than 20 years of experience and are more than skilled to handle any cases from air con installation, to chemical washing and overhaul.

Our services are affordable, friendly and reliable to ensure that your home, office or business location receives maintenance, for the best price and quality. Head over to our website now to check out the full range of services, prices and promotions available!

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