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Why Your Aircon Is Leaking Water and What To Do

Imagine the frustration you will get when you’re about to go to bed after a long and tiring day at work when suddenly, you hear the sound of water dripping. You walk to turn on the lights and look around the room to realise that water is coming out of your aircon. Not only do you have a mess to clean up, you will go to sleep tonight with no air conditioning in your room. You think to yourself: “Why is my aircon leaking water? This has never happened before!”

There are many reasons why your aircon may be leaking water. Aircon leaking water is actually a very common problem that people face with their aircons. Old and new aircons are susceptible to this issue. Not to worry, there are solutions to this problem but that depends on what the problem is. In this article, we will examine all the possible reasons why your aircon is leaking water and the solutions to the problem.

You may find solutions on the Internet, but it is best to leave the repair and maintenance work to the professionals as it may be dangerous dealing with an electric appliance and water. There are many cases where people get electrocuted and killed when they are inexperienced with servicing their aircons and choose to do it themselves. It is a safer option to engage an aircon servicing team who have the skills to fix your aircon reliably.

What Can I Do When My Aircon Is Leaking Water?

If you find yourself in the same situation above, you may be at a loss of what to do. Here are the steps to take when you notice that your aircon is leaking water.

Firstly, switch off the aircon immediately when you notice that there is water dripping from your aircon. It is advised to discontinue using your air con as soon as you detect a leak. Even though you can still use the aircon when water is leaking, you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Secondly, inform your family members who are living in the same household to not use the air conditioner for the time being. This is in case the issue lies with the condenser unit that is outside your house.

Thirdly, is to clean up the leakage and prevent any electronics from getting exposed to the water. You want to eliminate any potential of electrocution that can happen when your power sockets or electrical appliance is exposed to water.

Last but not least, call a certified air con servicing technician to come over and check the source of the leakage. There are many companies in Singapore that have experienced technicians that can provide aircon services.

When your aircon is having such an abnormal issue such as water leakage, please do not attempt to try to fix the leak yourself as that might result in greater hazards to your aircon unit and your safety. You may even exacerbate the issue and cause greater damage to your air conditioner, where an entire replacement may be needed.

Why Is My Aircon Leaking Water?

There are many reasons why your aircon may be leaking water, let’s examine a few:

Clogged Evaporator Coil

Firstly, we need to understand how your air conditioner works. Inside your air conditioner, there is an evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is responsible for providing cool air to your home or office space. The evaporator coil cools the air outside by absorbing the warm air and in this process, condensation happens and water is formed on the coil. This is similar to how a cold glass of water has droplets of water on the surface of the glass on a hot day. When you touch the glass, the water gathers and drips down the glass. Similarly, the moisture that is formed on the coil will drip into a drain pan and down a drain line that leads to the condenser unit outside.

Sometimes, this process may malfunction and result in a build-up of water in your aircon, which causes water to leak from your aircon. This may be because of a clogged drain line. When the drain line gets clogged with dust, sludge or mould, the water is unable to flow and will back up into your home. Unclogging this may be a difficult task so the best thing to do is to engage a professional to unclog the drainage pipe and fix the blockage. This is the most common issue that people encounter when their aircon starts leaking water and the simplest to fix. However, there are other reasons why your aircon may leak water.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter may be another reason why your aircon is leaking water. A dirty air filter will block airflow over the evaporator coil and cause the coil to get too cold and freeze over. When the ice on the evaporator coil melts, excess water will flow into the pan. The large amount of water may overflow and find its way out by leaking from your aircon unit. Hence, it is important that you regularly check and clean your air filter. If it is dirty, change it. With regular maintenance, it will prevent water leakage from your aircon. Which is why it is important that you conduct aircon servicing every once in a while, preferably every 3 months to 6 months.

Damaged Pan

When your pan is damaged, it could be a cause of your water leak. The pan is located underneath the unit and its purpose is to hold any moisture within the aircon unit. When the pan is damaged, such as having a hole, crack or notch, water will overflow and leak out of the aircon unit. Although small holes in the pan can easily be fixed by yourself, it is best to replace the entire pan for a more sustainable result.

Incorrect Installation Of Aircon

If you encounter problems with your air con when it is new, the drainage pipes and filters will not be the cause of your water leak. Improper installation of your aircon may be to blame. In the event that this happens, you need to contact your aircon provider and get them to find out the reason why your aircon is leaking water and how to fix it.

The first reason may be because your air conditioner is not fixed on a flat surface. When the aircon unit is not level, the water in the overflow pan will leak downwards and the drain line will not work properly. If this is the reason why, you should get the technician to adjust it.

If the air conditioner that you have is a window air conditioner, you should check if the seals are fully secured. If the seals are not properly secured, the warm air from outside will meet the cold air from the condenser and result in condensation. The condensation will result in water leakage when there is a lot of moisture built-up within the unit.

What Can I Do To Fix A Dripping Or Leaking Air Conditioner?

You may not be able to determine what is causing your aircon to leak water but here are some steps you can carry out carefully before seeking professional help.

Cleaning Your Condensate Drain

The lack of regular maintenance and accumulation of dirt and dust over time contributes to the choking of the drain lines. To prevent this from happening, you can use a wet vacuum cleaner to get rid of the clog in the drain line or use a high-pressure suction pump to tidy up the debris and dirt. Here’s a tip: you can also pour distilled vinegar solution in the drain pipes and leave it for an hour to get rid of rust and stubborn dirt.

Make sure to also rinse with clean water after the cleaning. However, in order to ensure that proper cleaning is done, you should seek help from the professionals. This will save time and prevent further damage to your aircon in case you did not fix the parts back correctly or end up damaging the aircon while cleaning.

Cleaning The Interior and Exterior Coils

The interior parts include the evaporator and fan coils. When cleaning these parts, remember that your aircon needs to be switched off. To clean these parts, you need to dismantle the aircon components to be able to have access to them. Carefully vacuum, brush or use a spray solution to clean these parts gently. You do not want to risk having some components bent or damaged. When you are putting back the parts together, do ensure it is fully dried.

To clean the condenser coil, your aircon also needs to be disconnected to power. Unscrew and remove the outer casing to access the condenser coils. Then, use a brush to remove the accumulated dirt and rinse them with clean water. Make sure to properly install the components back to where they were dismantled from.

To eliminate the stress associated with such a delicate task, engage a professional aircon technician to help you with it. In the process, they may also be able to identify other issues with your aircon and help you fix them, reducing the possibility of damages in the future.

Experienced and Affordable Aircon Servicing And Repair

Air conditioner leaking water is not a big issue that will cause an immediate breakdown in your entire air conditioner unit. However, it is an issue that should be addressed quickly so that further problems do not occur.  Aircon leaking water is usually caused by some defects and will need some repairs to function correctly. Regular servicing can ensure a longer lifespan for your air conditioner and prevent issues from arising in the future.

If you have tried trouble shooting but your aircon still leaks, it is best to contact an aircon technician for help. By letting the experts do it, you will be avoiding any further problems due to lack of experience or accidental damage to your unit. Cozyhomes Aircon Services have 25 years of experience in aircon maintenance, repair and installation. We provide quality air conditioning services at affordable prices and guarantee satisfaction in our service. We have a range of promotions and packages that you can utilise for regular maintenance services and one-off services. Interested? Contact Cozyhomes Aircon Services now!


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